• Planting the seeds of everyday wellbeing...

    Welcome to Te Kōanga

  • Why?

    This is your chance to do something truly special this Spring.

    Awesome People

    should work together more

    Isn't it a shame that there is amazing community champions, talented students, incredible mentors and a growing movement of Wellbeing projects, but they rarely meet?


    Well we're creating a space where they do. In that space, we support people to prototype projects into life to support young Kiwis to live better lives.

    Level Up

    beyond an internship

    Are you keen to get real life work experience on purposeful projects or meet the social entrepreneurs leading the future of Wellbeing around the country? Do you want to bring your 3rd year Everyday Wellbeing Design project to life over summer ready for a 4th year project?


    Either way, Te Kōanga gives you a chance to level up, and give you something for your portfolio that you'll be proud to show to people when you leave Uni.

    Experience Design

    when it's loose in the wild

    Do you feel the need to experience the power of Design in the wild? Want to learn more about design research or rapid prototyping?


    Te Kōanga is a space for developing social innovation projects where you will experience the power of Design in action every day. You'll also get access to leading Design practitioners from around the country who will be your mentors!

  • Te Kōanga by numbers

    But this is only half the story...


    Talented Participants


    Amazing Mentors





  • Who?

    Have you got what it takes?

    Talented Creatives

    wanting to use their powers for good

    Do you really want to spend years at University simply to help some corporation sell more toasters? Didn't think so. This is your opportunity to walk the path to working on positive impact projects you and your whānau can be proud of.

    Project Holders

    keen to take their idea to the next level

    Having spent 12 weeks developing your Everyday Wellbeing brief and dialling in the visuals, don't you secretly want to see it come to life? To get in the hands of actual people? To be used to improve the everyday wellbeing of young Kiwis? Let's do this.

    Backed By Lifehack

    Aotearoa NZ's R&D ground for youth wellbeing projects & ventures

    You're in good hands.

    We bring the know how, you bring the ideas and the talent.

  • Core Values of Te Kōanga

    Design principles shaping the programme

    Human-centered Experience

    A programme to bring out your human side

    Repeatedly we're told by people who attend our events and experiences that their life hasn't been the same since. We aim to light a fire inside you that wont be put out easily. Welcome to the mahi.

    Wellbeing Centric

    Experience wellbeing, don't just design for it

    People who are feeling good and functioning well are more creative, productive and positively affect people around them. Our programmes aim to increase your personal wellbeing as well as support you to design projects which do that for other people.

    Enjoy the Journey

    But build something special

    This space is unapologetically about exploring and prototyping the future of youth wellbeing projects for Aotearoa. You will learn things, but bring your game face as Te Kōanga is about making and bringing projects to life.

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  • FAQ's

    Q) What does Te Kōanga mean?

    A) Te Kōanga can be translated as "Spring" as in the season, or a 'time for planting'.


    Q) What's the time commitment?
    A) Te Kōanga will be running 2 days per week, inside regular work hours. You can keep your other work around this if you need.

    Q) Is there a cost to be involved?
    A) This initiative is majority funded by Lifehack and Ministry of Social Development. There may be a small cost for Project Holders, but not for students keen to work on other people's projects.

    Q) How many spots are available?
    A) We're likely to select around 10 students to be involved in this initiative. They'll be joined by other people from Lifehack's community.

    Q) Who are the mentors?
    A) Mentors will be announced soon - sign up above for information as soon as it is released.

    Q) Where is Te Kōanga happening?
    We will definitely be based in Wellington, but location is TBC.


    Got a question? Drop us a line!